3D Cultures is a startup that focuses on bringing economical tools to the field of biofabrication, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, and solid freeform fabrication. Traditional biological investigations are very limited and are often lacking. 3D studies on the other hand, 3D platforms offer a lot more to researchers. However, the cost of 3D studies these days are expensive.

Cultures was started by an Engineer whom have spend a significant amount of time developing advanced tissue platforms and constructs. After experiencing a lack of resources and the extremely high cost, he decided to work on 3D Cultures to build simple, but innovative tools.


Tissue Scribe Gen. 3 (3D Bio-Printer)

Bioprinters are becoming a necessity in many research laboratories and even in classrooms! We at 3DCultures, are trying to make this a reality by developing an economical bioprinter for the avid user. We understand that many of us do not need the advanced precision (nanometers) or tons of senors on a printer. A simple printer is sometimes all that is …

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